When we arrived in Portsmouth it was very cold, and we were still wearing our only clothes, namely shorts and T-shirt. So on Monday we set out for a walk to the local Southsea shopping centre. We found six op shops and at very little cost purchased jeans and leather jackets and jumpers. This is what we look like now.

dsc00004.jpg dsc00023.jpg

On Saturday Ken took us for a drive to Stonehenge. And now that I have a mobile that takes photos we can capture these moments for all to see.


Everyone has heard of Stonehenge, but very few know of Avebury, which is similar to Stonehenge but very much larger, in fact going for miles. And the nice thing about these ancient stones is that you can go right up to them.

dsc00022.jpg We stopped at a pub on a canal to have lunch. dsc00019.jpg On the way we saw a new house being built. This was having a thatched roof built, and that surprised me because I had associated thatched roofs with older and more primitive homes. Not so, as you can see from this picture.


Each day Catalina and I walk along the beach front to go to the historic waterfront. We purchased tickets that give us entrance to many ships and museums, and have enjoyed ourselves immensely. Here is a picture of Catalina about to board Nelson’s flagship the Victory. This of course was the admiral’s ship at the battle of Trafalgar, and where Nelson was shot. A plague marks the very spot where he was hit, and I took a photo of Catalina standing on this site, but I haven’t kept this picture. On Sunday night we walked to a restaurant where Ken’s son Michael is the chef. The food was really delicious and we are all going back for another meal on Thursday evening. After the meal we are off to catch a ship to France to begin making our way to Bulgaria. I was amazed how cheap the fares are to France. We paid £40 for the two of us whereas it costs over £40 for one person to catch the train to London. We arrive in Le Havre at about 8am on Friday morning. Ken has given us a teach yourself book on the Bulgarian language. Moreover he has on his computer the audio disc that goes with the book, so we have downloaded the disc onto my mobile and can listen to the lessons. Already Catalina is answering question with a “da”.



  1. 1

    Hi Bill and Catalina!

    We have been following your blog with great interest! I hope your trip continues well and that you will visit us here in Edmonton. Kimberly and Ashley are now living in Sydney and Melbourne respectively and from all accounts are enjoying their lives there. Keep up the good work on the Blog and have a great time.


  2. 2
    Larry Newman Says:

    Great photos! Did Catalina push over any rocks at Stonehenge?

  3. 3
    Ken Says:

    Hello Dad,
    I left a comment before but it doesn’t seem to have appeared. I wonder if this one will. I’m really looking forward to the next installment.

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